Alias(es): The Whisper
Affiliation: Black Voodoo Cult
Nationality: United States American
Occupation: Henchman
First appearance: Live and Let Die
Last appearance: Live and Let Die

Whisper is one of Mr. Big's henchmen and member of the Black Voodoo Cult.


Whisper was born on 'Lung Block', on Seventh Avenue, at 142nd Street, where death from tuberculosis was twice as high as anywhere else in New York city. During his childhood, Whisper's quiet voice is attributed to a bout of tuberculosis during infancy, from which one and a half of his lungs had to be removed, leaving him with only half a lung with which to breathe and talk.

Later, Whisper became an assistant to Whisper the negro gang in Harlem run by Mr. Big working as a telephone messenger. When James Bond escapes Mr. Big's men, he is sent out to pursue him, though unsuccessful. He is arrested in the end of the novel after Mr. Big's death off Jamaica.

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