United States
United States
Founded July 4, 1776
Capital Washington D.C.
Locale North America
Appearances Live and Let Die
Diamonds Are Forever
The Spy Who Loved Me
"007 in New York"

The United States is an large country in North America that is visited several times by James Bond throughout his career.


Bond first travels to the United States in Live and Let Die when he is dispatched by M to investigate the operations of Mr. Big and his links to both SMERSH and smuggling in Jamaica.

Bond returns to America in Diamonds Are Forever posing as a diamond smuggler in partnership with Tiffany Case with the aim of discovering the beginning of the smuggling pipeline, shifting diamonds from Africa to the United States via Europe.

In Goldfinger, Bond is captured by Auric Goldfinger and taken with him to assist in robbing Fort Knox, though Bond, with the help of Felix Leiter foils Goldfinger's plan.

Bond drives from Ottawa in The Spy Who Loved Me down to Washington D.C. to report on the outcome of a joint operation in Canada investigating SPECTRE. On his way his car breaks down and meets Vivienne Michel in a motel, then saves her from two gangsters.[1]

Later, Bond goes on a piecemeal mission to warn an ex MI6 employee, Solange, that the American authorities are getting close to finding out that she is cohabiting with a KGB agent. The agent is attached to the United Nations and M is sending Bond to tell her that the CIA is close to identifying her.


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