Name: Tiffy
Alias(es): "Artificial"
Nationality: Jamaica Jamaican
Sibling(s): 5
First appearance: The Man with the Golden Gun
Last appearance: The Man with the Golden Gun

Tiffy is the operator of a whore house in Jamaica who introduces James Bond to Francisco Scaramanga.


Tiffy was born in Jamaica, the youngest of six girls. Her mother named them all after flowers; Violet, Rose, Cherry, Pansy, and Lily. When Tiffy was born she couldn't think of another flower related name so she dubbed her "Artificial".

Tiffy works as a bargirl at a whore house at 3½ Love Lane. She has two pet blackbirds named Joe and May who she has overfed to the point where they only slightly smaller than ravens.

Bond goes there to investigate the whereabouts of Francisco Scaramanga and is greeted by Tiffy. She warns him of Scaramanga, whom she says is their roughest customer.

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