The Boneyard
Fillet of Soul
Locale Harlem, New York City
Country United States United States
Appearances Live and Let Die

The Boneyard is a nightclub owned by Mr. Big located in Harlem, New York.


The Boneyard is a jazz club that also showcases exotic dancers in the heart of Harlem. Mr. Big uses the club as a legitimate corporate front for his operations. James Bond and Felix Leiter end up there while investigating Mr. Big after a phony tip off organized by "Whisper". A trap is in wait and the pair are subsequently captured.

There, Bond meets the beautiful Solitaire, a fortune teller in Mr. Big's employ. To Bond's advantage, she lies, and he is released with only a broken finger courtesy of Tee-Hee Johnson, one of Mr. Big's henchmen, as a warning. Leiter is also released by a member who has a mutual love of jazz music.