Name: Solange
Affiliation: MI6
First appearance: "From a View to A Kill"
Last appearance: "007 in New York"

Solange was one of James Bond's romantic interests who appeared first in the Ian Fleming short story "007 in New York" simply as "Solange".


Solange is first mentioned when James Bond is fantasizing about meeting a girl that he would call "Solange", in his inner monologue, in Paris during the short story "From a View to A Kill". He seems to base this visualization on someone he has previously met. Whether this is a reference to the same character is not 100% verified.

Solange later features in Octopussy and The Living Daylights. Due to its brief length, the original "007 in New York" short story reveals next to nothing about Solange's background, other than her previous relationship with Bond, M and the secret service. She is James Bond's contact with whom he spends time while in the big apple. She has a boyfriend who is a KGB contact and Bond is sent by M to ensure she knows of this as the FBI are close to discovering the affair.