Sir James Molony
Name: Sir James Molony
Nationality: England English
Occupation: Neurologist
First appearance: Dr. No
Last appearance: The Man with the Golden Gun

Sir James Molony is a noted neurologist and good friend of M, whose expertise is frequently employed by him and the Secret Services. in 1962 he had been awarded a Nobel Prize for his famous work Some Psychosomatic Side-effects of Organic Inferiority.


Dr. NoEdit

After the sudden disappearance of Commander John Strangways and his secretary Mary Trueblood in Jamaica, M consults with Sir James Molony as to the possibility and motives of them running off together.

You Only Live TwiceEdit

While M was meeting with Molony, not knowing what to do with Bond following the death of his wife, Tracy. Molony suggests he send Bond on an assignment so difficult it would throw Bond back into his old self. This followed his diagnosis that Bond was suffering from shock.

The Man with the Golden GunEdit

After a brainwashed Bond attempted to assassinate M, Bond was sent to meet with Molony for a series of therapy sessions in Regents Park. There, he rehabilitated Bond, getting him ready for active service once more.


Fleming used the name James Molony after his London dentist, whom he consulted on medical topics contained in his novels.[1]


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