The Saab 900 Turbo, introduced in May of 1978, was Bond's vehicle of choice in many of the John Gardner Bond novels, beginning with Licence Renewed (1981). Dubbed, the "Silver Beast", it is Bond's private vehicle modified by the real-life company Communication Control Systems, Ltd. (CCS) (now called Security Intelligence Technology Group).

Silver BeastEdit

The Saab 900 Turbo was James Bond's vehicle of choice in three John Gardner Bond novels, starting with Licence Renewed (1981). In the novel the car is silver colored, even though it is sometimes black or red on some of the bookcovers. Consequently, the vehicle got the nickname the "Silver Beast" in the followup Gardner novel, For Special Services (1982) and was once more featured in Icebreaker (1983).

Unlike many Bond vehicles, the Saab 900 is Bond's personal property, and was not provided by Q Branch. At his own expense, Bond had it customized by security and counter-surveillance experts, Communication Control Systems, Ltd. (CCS), now called Security Intelligence Technology Group.


Bond's Saab 900 Turbo, 3-door version, was equipped with the following features:

  • Water-cooled turbo engine modification per Saab Law Enforcement specs, producing a top speed in excess of 170 MPH
  • Modified fuel system capable of running on petrol or gasohol
  • Halon 12 fire extinguishing system and fire-proofing
  • Digital Head-Up Display
  • Remote text-messaging system via black box phone hook up to landline Mobile phone
  • Four external tear gas ducts
  • A filter to neutralise deadly gas entering the car's passenger cabin
  • Oxygen masks under the seats in CO2-operated compartment
  • Several hidden compartments in dashboard containing TH70 Nitefinder goggles (for driving without headlights), grenades, one unauthorized Ruger Super Blackhawk .44 Magnum revolver and one Browning automatic handgun
  • Fully armor-plated body Bulletproof glass
  • Steel-reinforced ramming bumpers back and front
  • Heavy-duty Dunlop Denovos tires, self-sealing even after being hit by bullets
  • Black leather upholstery
  • Side gunport Remote starter kit Rotating license plates
  • Air Conditioning Cruise Control Two halogen fog lamps
  • A fully built in sound system
  • Aircraft headlight hidden behind front license plate.


  • Communication Control Systems, Ltd. (now called Security Intelligence Technology Group) is actually a real company, which advised author John Gardner with ideas about feasible gadgets to be used. Consequently, Gardner gave them the credit in the book, rather than Q Branch.
  • With the release of Licence Renewed, Saab took the opportunity to launch a Bond themed promotional campaign complete with an actual car outfitted like the one in the book (but using smoke dispensers instead of tear gas).

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