Rhoda Llewellyn
Rhoda Llewellyn
Name: Rhoda Llewellyn
Alias(es): Rhoda Masters
Eye colour: Blue
Hair colour: Blonde
Nationality: United Kingdom British
Spouse(s): Philip Masters (former)
Occupation: ex airline hostess
First appearance: "Quantum of Solace"
Last appearance: "Quantum of Solace"

Rhoda Llewellyn is an ex airline hostess, who became infamous amongst the "well to do" crowd in Bermuda as an adulterer.


Rhoda Llewellyn was an airline hostess who travelled all over the world. During one flight she met a man named Philip Masters, a colonial office employee who was on his way back home to London from Nigeria. The two instantaneously fell in love and married shortly afterwards. The two moved to Bermuda, where Masters worked as a foreign diplomat.

After their marriage, Rhoda became very bored with life on such a tiny island. While learing to play golf, she initiated a very public affair with the eldest son of a prominent Bermudan family. While her husband was gone, the governor's wife Lady Burford scolded Rhoda who ended her affair. When Masters returned, Rhoda seemed penitent and wanted to start anew. However, Masters was not too forgiving. He took the outlandish step of dividing their house in half so the couple would not need to speak to each other, an unthinkable action before the affair.

After Masters returned to England without her, Rhoda discovered that Philip had left her penniless with no income nor saleable property. Eventually, she gained sympathy from the community which had shunned her during her affair and she later received passage to Jamaica by way of Lady Burford and worked as a hotel receptionist until being met by a millionaire from Canada who married her granting her some measure of atonement.