René Mathis
René Mathis
Name: René Mathis
Affiliation: Deuxième Bureau
Nationality: France French
Occupation: Head of Deuxième Bureau
First appearance: Casino Royale
Last appearance: Thunderball

René Mathis is an intelligence operative of the French secret service, the Deuxième Bureau. He is a long-time friend of James Bond, who have apparently known each other since before World War II.


Casino RoyaleEdit

When Bond met up with Mathis at Royale-les-Eaux it is stated that he met Bond on assignment prior to World War II, in Monte Carlo, as Bond was trying to crack down a group of Romanians cheating at local casino with the use of invisible ink. He is reassigned to work with Bond is his mission to bankrupt and disgrace Le Chiffre, where he poses as a radio salesman. He helps Bond out by liaising with the local French authorities and introducing him to Vesper Lynd of the Treasury.

From Russia, with LoveEdit

Later, Mathis has been promoted to become the the head of the Deuxième Bureau and his name is known by the high ranking SMERSH officers that plot against Bond. With the help of Bond, it was Mathis who captures the SMERSH agent Rosa Klebb in a Parisian hotel. He then provides CPR and vital life support to keep Bond alive after he was poisoned by her with a dagger concealed in her shoe.


Mathis is briefly mentioned in MI6's response to SPECTRE's "Plan Omega". Bill Tanner asks Miss Moneypenny to send a copy of SPECTRE's ransom demand letter to Mathis at the Deuxième Bureau. Following the theft of a British bomber's atomic payload by SPECTRE, Mathis admits to having accepted an offer by the organization to have Goltz, a French heavy-water scientist who defected to the Russians, assassinated by them.

Never Dream of DyingEdit

Later, he was captured by the head of The Union, Le Gérant, and blinded with lasers; Bond later saved him from imprisonment.