Pierre Borraud
Alias(es): no. 12
Died: May 1959
Affiliation: SPECTRE
Nationality: France French
Occupation: Agent of SPECTRE
First appearance: Thunderball
Last appearance: Thunderball

Pierre Borraud was a SPECTRE agent ranking as no. 12 in the organization.


Borraud is one of the Corsicans working for the Unione Corse who defected to SPECTRE. He was placed in charge of a plot to kidnap Magnus Blomberg's 17 year old daughter to attain a ransom payment. However, Borraud made a fatal error. The girl had been sexually abused by Borraud and the men he chose for the task.

Upon hearing of this infraction, Ernst Stavro Blofeld dealt with his misconduct severely. At the next SPECTRE meeting, Borraud's chair was rigged to deliver a massive electric shock to serve as an example to the other members that SPECTRE did not tolerate ill-discipline. Blofeld then returns half of the ransom money to Blomberg in compensation for breaking their promise to return the girl unharmed.