Horst Uhlmann
Name: Horst Uhlmann
Died: October, 1960
Affiliation: SPECTRE
Nationality: Germany German
Occupation: SPECTRE operative
First appearance: The Spy Who Loved Me
Last appearance: The Spy Who Loved Me

Horst Uhlmann is an ex-Gestapo SPECTRE operative who operated out of Toronto, Canada. He is briefly mentioned in the 1962 Ian Fleming novel The Spy Who Loved Me, where Bond describes investigating SPECTRE's activities in Toronto before the story begins.

Novel biographyEdit

Bond relates the story of a previous assignment to Vivienne Michel. He explains how a Russian defector dubbed Boris, an influential member of their nuclear submarine team who had settled in Toronto, was placed on the Soviet Union's hit-list. The assassination job was subsequently contracted out to SPECTRE for the fee of one hundred thousand pounds. Horst Uhlmann, a former member of the Gestapo and SPECTRE operative, was assigned the task and approached "The Mechanics", the toughest of the Toronto gangs, to assist him in killing the defector for fifty thousand dollars.

Later, Uhlmann led a murder squad that consisted of three top gunmen from the mob and walked into a trap set by Bond (posing as Boris) and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Caught in the ambush, Uhlmann broke into the defector's house whilst the mob enforcers engaged in a gunfight with the Mounties and had his machine-gun shot out of his hands by Bond. He jumped behind the door, which 007 promptly sprayed with a wide Z of bullets - two of which hit him in the left shoulder and right hip - and fired a quick burst before crashing down behind the door.

As the firefight subsided, a Mountie appears at the entrance to Bond's room and offers him assistance; prompting the German, who had been laying quiet, to fire through the door at the voice, killing him. Bond retaliated, incapacitating him and brought him to hospital in an ambulance. They attempted to get him to talk in hospital, but as Bond lamented "a mixture of Gestapo and SPECTRE is a good one – and he died the next morning."