Name: Hendriks
Died: 21 February, 1964
Affiliation: KGB
Nationality: Netherlands Dutch
Occupation: Intelligence operative
First appearance: The Man with the Golden Gun
Last appearance: The Man with the Golden Gun

Hendriks is a foreign intelligence operative of Dutch origin working abroad for the KGB.


Hendriks is a rather short stocky man who works in the foreign intelligence section of the Soviet KGB. He appears to be a controller who oversees the operations and operating costs of KGB agents working overseas.

In 1964 he is sent to Jamaica to see the progress report on the activities of Francisco Scaramanga, an agent under loose KGB guidance who works for them in the Caribbean. Whilst attending the summit where Scaramanga updated his associates on the activities of their syndicate, Hendriks suspects that one of the men present working for Scaramanga is a double agent. After one night, the man in question "Mark Hazard" performed a trick shot show for the other guests with abilities that convinced Hendriks he was a foreign agent.

The next day Hendriks phoned Moscow to see if any unfriendly operatives were known to be in his area and finds out that Hazard is actually British agent named James Bond. Hendriks immediately informs Scaramanga, and the two plan to kill him at the end of the day. However, before they get the chance Hendriks is shot in the head by Bond on board a train.

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