Dikko Henderson
Name: Richard Lovelace Henderson
Alias(es): "Dikko"
Affiliation: Australian Diplomatic Corps
Nationality: Australia Australian
Occupation: Head of Station J
First appearance: You Only Live Twice
Last appearance: You Only Live Twice

Richard Lovelace Dikko Henderson is a fictional character from the 1963 James Bond novel You Only Live Twice. Henderson is a veteran field-agent of Her Majesty's Australian Diplomatic Corps in Japan and is head of Station J.

Novel biographyEdit

You Only Live TwiceEdit

Arriving in Tokyo, James Bond is taken to the estate of Station J's chief Dikko Henderson. Henderson tells Bond of his best route to get the Magic 44 decoding machine that M wants. It is through the head of the Japanese secret service, Tiger Tanaka. He teaches Bond the basics of Japanese culture and how a westerner should accustomise to it before he introduces Bond to Tiger.

After showing Bond the aspects of the ways of the Orient he will need, Dikko takes Bond to the impromptu headquarters of the Koan-Chosa-Kyoku, the Japanese secret service. Bond is hardly amused as the building is still in the process of construction. He takes Bond to an elevator and instructs him to go underground, where he meets Tiger.

After Bond completes his mission from Tiger by killing Dr. Shatterhand and destroying his Garden of Death, Tiger keeps his word and gives the Magic 44 device to Dikko. Dikko then visits the Ama island Tiger left Bond at in search of him several times. After a great deal of inquiry he leaves, oblivious that Bond was living there with Kissy Suzuki in an amnesiac state.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Dikko is based on the Australian journalist Richard 'Dikko' Hughes, a foreign correspondent who covered Asia for Australian and British papers before and after World War II. Hughes was also the basis for the character 'Old Craw' in John Le Carre's The Honourable Schoolboy.

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