Colonel Sun Liang-tan
Colonel Sun
Name: Colonel Sun Liang-Tan
Alias(es): Colonel Sun
Died: September, 1964
Affiliation: People’s Liberation Army
Nationality: China Chinese
Rank: Colonel
Occupation: PLA officer
First appearance: Colonel Sun
Last appearance: Colonel Sun

Colonel Sun Liang-tan is a Chinese military officer and the primary antagonist from Kingsley Amis' 1968 James Bond novel Colonel Sun.


Starting in September 1951, aged twenty-one, Sun worked at a prisoner-of-war centre near Pyongyang, North Korea. There, as a twenty-one-year-old subaltern attached, in the capacity of Assistant Consultant on Interrogations, to Major Pak of the North Korean Army, he had had the opportunity of getting to know British soldiers, who intrigued him.

Sun became a member of the Special Activities Committee of the Chinese People's Liberation Army as well as a sadist and skilled torturer. Sun takes a perverse pleasure in inflicting all sorts of pain upon Bond in the belief that “through cruelty one rises to heights of superhuman awareness”.


In The James Bond Bedside Companion, future continuation author Raymond Benson called Sun Liang-Tan "very worthy of inclusion in the Bond saga".