Founded 1 January 1901
Capital Canberra
Locale Oceania
Appearances The Spy Who Loved Me(mentioned)
You Only Live Twice(mentioned)
Zero Minus Ten

Australia is an island country in the South Pacific Ocean. It was once a British colony, before achieving independence as a dominion on 1 January 1901.


Australia is named as a place where people who defect to the British have the option of being settled in alongside New Zealand, Canada and South Africa.[1]Australia is also mentioned alongside New Zealand by Bond in some banter with Tiger Tanaka as examples of the successes of British imperialism. In turn, Tiger states he thought the two nations should have been targeted by the Japanese during World War II, rather than Pearl Harbor.[2]

In Zero Minus Ten, there is a nuclear explosion in the Australian outback, tested by Guy Thackeray. Bond also ventures to Australia to investigate Thackeray and his company.


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