Adolph Gettler
Adolph Gettler
Name: Adolph Gettler
Affiliation: SMERSH
Nationality: Soviet Union Russian
Occupation: Agent of SMERSH
First appearance: Casino Royale
Last appearance: Casino Royale

Adolph Gettler is the alias of an unnamed SMERSH agent in Ian Fleming's 1953 novel Casino Royale.


Gettler is an agent of SMERSH based in France. His real name is unknown, but he posed as a Swiss wristwatch salesman named "Adolph Gettler". He was tasked with shadowing James Bond and Vesper Lynd while they are on their countryside holiday after the defeat, and ultimately, death of Le Chiffre. He is identifiable by the glass eye patch he wears, which is screwed in like a monocle.

His presence was noticed by Vesper on the road after James left hospital and she subsequently spotted him again dining at the same motel she and Bond were staying in. His presence was enough to scare her enough to commit suicide by way of a drug overdose, fearing being apprehended by SMERSH.